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5 ways to increase local and international biodiversity

5 ways to increase local and international biodiversity

By Mina Phillips

Regardless of where you are located in the world, biodiversity is something that affects all of us. Biodiversity helps to support healthy ecosystems and, at the end of the day, a healthy planet. Every species has an important role to play – especially humans.

Plant native trees and plants

Native plants play an essential role in providing native wildlife with habitats and food. When you plant native forests and gardens, you are creating space for an improved ecosystem and vibrant planet. Some ways that ABCARD does this is by setting up tree nurseries as well as identifying and planting environmentally-friendly trees in degraded water catchment areas.

Educate yourself on endangered/at-risk species

Understanding endangered species plays an important role in biodiversity and conservation. Identifying species that are at-risk and understanding what the causes are for this are the first steps in finding solutions. ABCARD works to address and find solutions to issues that are threatening local wildlife by carrying out surveys, wildlife research and by establishing a comprehensive database of recorded species.

Protect wildlife habitats

In Cameroon; poaching, the bushmeat trade, logging and mining are currently all having seriously negative impacts on wildlife habitats. ABCARD is working to address this by sensitising and educating local communities on biodiversity conservation, monitoring protected areas and by supporting local community governance structures that regulate illegal hunting.

Make conscious purchases

A simple way for you to support wildlife habitats is to look for environmentally and socially-conscious certifications when buying certain products e.g. Forest Stewardship Certification.This helps you to know that the products you are purchasing were sourced in a way that continues to protect local habitats and communities.

Get involved in community projects

There are so many organisations out there that would love your help – ABCARD being one of them. If you are between 18-65 years old and would like to support ABCARD’s research, eco-tourism and fundraising efforts, please get in touch.

Mina Phillips

Mina is a writer and journalist who has had a lifelong passion for supporting animal welfare and human rights. You can find out more about her work at

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