Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development

Our Team

Our Team

Enokenwa Allen Tabi

Founder/Chief Executive officer (CEO)

He is the Founder/Chief Executive officer (CEO) of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development (ABCARD). Enokenwa is a Wildlife Biologist and has worked with the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) for over eight years in different management positions. His work in the field of wildlife conservation contributed in the creation of the first protected area (Tofala Hill Wildlife Sanctuary) in the Lebialem Highlands, Southwest Cameroon. He was one of the Rainforest Trust USA fellows in 2018-2020. Enokenwa Allen Tabi holds a Master of Science in Ecology and Wildlife Management from the University of Dschang, Cameroon. Allen value and appreciate wildlife, fresh air and wild places of course but he like listening to music, reading books and watching soccer.

Njang Quddus

Programme Manager

He is the Programme Manager of Humanitarian Programme for the Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development and the same time working as Protection Field Monitor for Intersos an International Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization. Mr. Quddus has over 5 years experience in community Livelihood and Economic development field as well as 2 years experience in humanitarian sector. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Buea. Mr Quddus enjoy helping does who are in needs and the underprivileged.

Dr. Sebastian Linnarz

Technical Adviser and Consultant

Dr. Sebastian Linnarz is a German Wildlife Ecologist and a consultant and technical adviser for the Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development. He has enormous experience on great apes research and wildlife photography. Sebastian has several scientific publications on wildlife ecology. He is an outdoor enthusiast and in his free time he plays basketball with friends

Agha Chanceline Mengeng

Counselor and Board Member

Agha Chanceline Mengeng has a Master degree in Psychopathology with over 5 years experience in Counselling and Human Resource. She is based in Paris, France and works for the company called Groupe Vitamine T. She is also a Counsellor and Board member of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation. Chanceline is a philanthropist and particularly interested in the preservation of biodiversity. At her free time she enjoys travelling and visit to natural places.

Orock Valery Tabe

Legal Advisor

He is versatile Cameroonian legal practitioner based in Switzerland. Skilled in legal management, results based, transparent and reliable. Open to all fields of general legal practice, with postgraduate interests and more into the fields of corporate legal practices (Incorporation, mergers & acquisition), legal consultancy, trade and investment policy particularly in and within Africa, doing business in Africa, legal analysis on business markets (Africa, Asia & the Middle East), business research and feasibility studies, capital markets, development & diplomacy, human rights consultancy & advisory and migration. Orock Valery is the legal Advisor of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Development.

Ndip Emmanuel

Technical Advisor

He has a lot of experience amassed over the years working in the field of conservation with different Institutions in Cameroon with Limbe Wildlife Centre and Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) and the United States of America with Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Emmanuel is currently working for the Ohio State University as Animal Laboratory Research Technician. Concurrently he is the Technical Advisor in Charge of Biodiversity Programs for Association for Biodiversity Conservation. Ndip Emmanuel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in the University of Dschang Cameroon. He is a nature lover and in his free time he plays musical instruments and soccer.

Abhijit Mohanty

International Consultant

He is an International Consultant at ABCARD. He is providing strategic inputs and directions to ABCARD in programme designing, partnership, visibility and brand building. Mohanty is from India and has extensively worked in Cameroon, Kenya and Nepal on thematic areas of conservation, livelihood, education and health. He had his MBA from Amity University and Bachelor of Sociology Honours from Utkal University. Currently he works as a partnership Management Officer at United Nations Development Program in India. He is an avid traveler, passionate photographer and writer.